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You’ve begun your fantastic foray into fitness and things are going great … until you just don’t feel right one morning, and those droplets of doubt and worry start to creep into your mind. So, you grab your phone and start slamming in symptoms and that Doc in a Box Website of Doom That Shall Not Be Named tells you that you could have an assortment of ailments from a basic cold to lupus, polio, elbow cancer and River Blindness (it’s a legit tropical disease … look it up). You flee to your physician only to have them throw some topical ointment at you and you can create your own Madlib here with their typical response: just calm down and (eat/drink) some (food/beverage) (more/less) than you currently do and perhaps add some (new superfood/cure-all compound) to your routine. About as helpful as a fork at a soup dinner, right?

Worry not, friends – the LaBellaRX Ladies are here to help and have handy hints for handling the highs and lows of hormones: what they are, what they actually do and how they control a lot of things within our day to day lives. If you really want the secret to speed down the Highway of Health, catch this week’s episode because understanding your hormones is an essential part of being your best self, both inside and out.