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Because of this global pandemic we’ve found ourselves in these last few years, we have all had an awakening on our personal health and what we can do to keep ourselves surviving and thriving. No matter what you believe about COVID-19 (and we aren’t even going to try to get political on this show … not our style), there is one thing that all experts do actually agree on when it comes to treatment and prevention for COVID and almost every other ailment, illness or malady: getting to and maintaining a healthy weight.

Obesity … it’s a beast, you see. Being obese affects a plethora of body functions and behaviors, from your immune system to even something as basic a behavior as breathing. But, you aren’t alone in your battle with the Beast of Obesity – our Ladies of LaBellaRX are right there beside you this week to lend a helping hand to keep you on track for your journey to being your best self, both inside and out.