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Are you envious of that friend who can always eat whatever she wants – like a triple bacon cheeseburger, large fry and chocolate milkshake at (Name Redacted Fast Food Place Because They Don’t Get a Shoutout Unless They Sponsor This Show) – and still stay skinny? And do you wonder why you can’t do the same, even if you’re only eating a healthy salad and simple protein, day after day?

Don’t worry – our LaBellaRX Ladies are here to weigh-in on the mysteries of and science behind our bodies and weight loss.

Here’s the Fast Fact: it’s literally about fasting. It’s not about the fad diets, the hip new trends or anything like that – it’s not a program change; it’s about a lifestyle change, putting your health and wellness as your top priority.

We all have our woes with weight problems, so you aren’t in this boat alone. Come sail with us on our continued journey to being your best self, both inside and out.