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When you hear testosterone, what do you think about? An explosion filled action movie? A violent MMA bout in the Octagon? The sexy sounds of the late great Barry White? All of the above? While all those things may include testosterone, it’s also a vital hormone that controls a slew of processes and functions in the body for both men and women – brain function, energy, durability, and (to circle back to Barry White) the obvious answer of sex drive.

The Ladies of LaBella sit down with special guest Keith Glines on this week’s episode to spill the T on the hormonal T, as Keith talks about his own journey from the valleys of low T to climbing the mountains of having a healthy hormonal balance and how it has helped every aspect of his life. This week’s episode isn’t just for the fellas; the females will have plenty to listen and learn about, too, as we continue our goal to help you to be your best self, both inside and out.