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In this engaging episode of The Best, Dr. Armstrong and LaDonna dive into how alcohol fits into our lives and its effects on our health and day-to-day living. Sharing from their own lives and expertise, they unpack the complex world of drinking — from casual sips to the heavier stuff —and how it affects men and women differently. They chat about everything from how our backgrounds shape our drinking habits, to the role booze plays in our social lives, and the nitty-gritty of its health impacts. There’s a deep dive into what counts as moderate versus heavy drinking and the science behind why alcohol doesn’t hit everyone the same way. To wrap things up, they offer some down-to-earth advice on enjoying your drinks responsibly. Along the way, you’ll get clear insights into drinking levels, the immediate and long-term health effects, and how culture and lifestyle weave into our drinking patterns.

Dr. Armstrong and LaDonna aim to keep it real, sharing stories and tips to help listeners navigate their relationship with alcohol in a healthy, balanced way.

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