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In this latest episode of “The Best,” Dr. Armstrong sits down with longtime friend and founder of “One More Moment” Nicole Persinger as she shares her story of her daughter’s struggle with mental illness.

Between August 2020 and April 2021, Nicole and her family traveled a difficult road trying to support their then 14-year-old daughter Annalie, who suffered from severe depression and anxiety. Annalie turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with the trauma of a sexual assault and engaged in reckless behavior, resulting in multiple hospitalizations for suicidality.

As Nicole accompanied Annalie on this journey, she felt helpless and alone. She was desperate to speak to other parents who had lived through similar situations — others who had parented or were parenting a teen in crisis. As a result of this experience, Nicole was called to support other parents on the same path.

In February of 2022, Nicole launched her first official support group, making herself available weekly to other parents to support and guide them when things seem impossible and hopeless. Since that time, “One More Moment” has continued to grow and morph into a parent-led network that centers around the parent’s mental health when their role becomes more complex, offering a safe place for parents to share and support one another, as well as providing parents with access to training, workshops and free therapy sessions with licensed counselors.