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“Are you tired, rundown, listless? Do you poop out at parties? Are you unpopular?”

No, this week’s episode isn’t about that magical cure-all Vitameatavegamin like the quote above from a classic “I Love Lucy” episode would have you believe, but the LaBellaRX Ladies will be discussing something that can have an impact on all of those things in your actual life – hormones and hormone replacement.

Time eventually comes for us all and our hormone levels go into a shortage quicker than toilet paper did at the start of the pandemic. And while conventional wisdom might say just to suck it up and deal with it, well … it is time to learn about the new conventions of modern medicine and how you can actively combat the effects of the “Change of Life.”

Dr. Amy and LaDonna will give you some great facts, figures and favorable mentions from the book “Estrogen Matters,” which is a must-read when you might be muddling your way through menopause. The LaBellaRX Ladies will discuss everything from potential side effects to bonus benefits you might not be aware of (like how a recent study showed taking estrogen led to a 21 percent decrease in risk of breast cancer) and also give you a hop through the history of estrogen’s common usages from the 1950s to today.

So, why don’t you come join the thousands of happy, peppy people and get a great big bottle of … sorry, there was a Lucy marathon on this weekend … and listen to the LaBellaRX Podcast today to help you help yourself on your journey to being your best self, both inside and out. (And stay away from the Vitameatavegamin, too … that stuff was at least 78 percent alcohol.)