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We could all use a little boost. When the brain fog, bad mood, exhaustion, and all-over bogged down feelings get the best of us, who wouldn’t love a fix that not only gives you energy but increases your libido too!

I’m talking hormone replacement therapy, and more specifically, testosterone supplementing. Now, don’t scroll on just because of the “T” word! Though there are some stigmas attached, testosterone does so much more than bulk up or buck up. This miracle hormone has more tricks up its sleeve than basic virility.

It’s an impressive truth that hospitals are very good at keeping people alive. Unfortunately, more often than not patients are kept alive in a debilitated state, adding years to life but not life to years. While there is no one size fits all solution to this issue, there are some starting points that can add a little more life to those years, one of them being testosterone!

Testosterone prevents disability by:

Preventing the loss of bone and muscle mass
Improving mood
Reducing insulin levels
Decelerating the aging process
Helping with cognition
Decreasing visceral fat & bad cholesterol
Reducing risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, osteopenia, & osteoporosis.

The proof is in the results. It’s not just your sex drive!

So, now that you’re thoroughly convinced, let’s go over how we provide testosterone to our clients!

Lipid Based Creams or Lipoderm

This is our preferred method, especially for men.
DHT is an offshoot of testosterone that is the most beneficial aspect for men. However, it is one that is most easily absorbed through the skin, and it can’t be elevated with injections. The cream is the best option for this reason!


A small percentage of people have a reaction to Lipoderm, and with that we generally switch to injections.
Intramuscular every 4 days – 1x a week
Can be problematic to take this so frequently, but if spread out more than once a week it wouldn’t be enough.
Subcutaneous daily injection
An alternative to the intramuscular injections, just more frequently and less problematic.

Pill Form

This option is reserved for the women because they don’t need DHT, and DHT can only be absorbed through the creams and, to a lesser degree, through the injections.

We would love to talk to you more about what your body needs to add more life to your years. Give LaBellaRX a call, and let’s talk testosterone together!