Body Contouring

Body Contouring

Minimal Downtime

Noticeable Results within 12weeks

Low-risk Procedure

Are you frustrated that even after dieting and working out, your body still isn’t getting the sculpted results that you deserve? Introducing Non-surgical Body Sculpting, the latest innovative solution to targeting problematic areas for both women and men. This exciting device delivers improved results in a very small amount of time in only a handful of treatments, simply by:

  • Effectively contouring the body
  • Safely tightening skin
  • Melting stubborn fat cells
  • Strengthening and stimulating collagen

This safe and effective body sculpting device uses the latest advances in radio frequency aesthetic treatment technology. With equipment this advanced, it’s a wonder why you haven’t scheduled an appointment to take this unique treatment! Call LaBellaRX today!

The ULTRA FEMME 360 procedure offers the shortest radio frequency treatment available for women’s intimate health and wellness.

  • Revolutionary 360° tips designed to reduce technique dependence and increase patient and provide comfort
  • Minimizes risk of infection or bleeding
  • Part of the most versatile Exilis platform with scientifically proven effect for neocollagenesis and elastogenesis
  • Temperature is elevated over 40 °C in the target tissue and in turn blood flow is increased,
    which is crucial in women’s intimate health
Dr. Armstrong performing a cellulite leg treatment using BTL’s Exilis Ultra:
Dr. Armstrong demonstrates the first stage of the “Silhouette” procedure for fat reduction using the Vanquish ME device: